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Thank you for coming to my website, you have made the right choice coming. You will find some great movies to explore. I am aiming to give some reviews of the best movies out
there today, as well as hearing some great suggestions and recommendations as we dialogue about the various posts.

Many people love movies. I own a lot of movies, over 500 to be exact. I have to be honest, I haven’t watched all of them, but I have watched a lot and enjoy collecting movies in almost any genre, except romance.

When I was younger, my family went to the theaters almost every weekend. Still, to this day, I go to the theaters almost every weekend when good movies are playing. I would love to enter into a discussion with you about the various blog posts I write about.


People love discussing and recommending movies that they like. I would like this website to be primarily based around discussion, reviews and movie recommendations.

I have seen a lot of websites about movies, a lot of these are well done, but they are covered with advertisements that disrupt the post. I guarantee that I will not saturate my website with advertisements.

I aim to be short and to the point with my reviews and try to aim to follow this structure: Introduction, Synopsis, Review, Recommendation.

Finally, I will keep my posts to around 1000 words or less for standalone movies – this may be longer for groups of movies.

I am proud to say that amazingmovies.org is donating 20% of profit to Operation Underground Railroad.

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Thank you for being a dedicated reader. I value your opinion and would love to interact with you to find out the feelings you have about the movies I post about.

So are you ready to hear about some amazing movies?


If you have any questions, feel free to leave contact me via email at jordan@amazingmovies.org

All the best,

Jordan Devaney